Takumar Super Multi Coated 35/3.5 disassembly

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10 Responses to “Takumar Super Multi Coated 35/3.5 disassembly”

  1. Eric Ohman Says:

    Interesting posts.

    I have a Nikkor 50mm 1.8 E pancake which has a weird problem. When I’m turning the focus ring the aperture stucks with the focus when I’m focusing at close distance. Have you experienced something like this with this or other lenses?

    • Dipo Says:

      I never work with that lens before, so my answer is based on other lenses I worked on. I presume once you’re close to minimal focus, the aperture ring reuse to move ?

      It might be caused by something trapped underneath the focusing barrel, might be a loose screw or something. Or over tightening / previous improper repair. Check whether the focus is in sync between the view finder & the distance mark. In any case, it sound like a disassembly is needed.

  2. ND Says:

    Very useful information!
    I have a SMC Takumar 135/f3.5, with fungus on the inside of the rear element. It looks similar to your pictures, so I am guessing the construction is the same.

    To get to it, do I have to disassemble the front? Or do I access the rear element from the back end of the lens? Thanks much for the reply!

    • Dipo Says:

      For the 135/3.5, I’d go from the front. The rings at the back are so close to the blackened barrel, I wouldn’t risk scratching it. It’ very difficult to repaint a blackened (non reflective) metal.

  3. Guus Says:

    Nice disassembly!

    I recently bought a takumar 35/2 wich seems to have a loose lens barrel, i.e. the barrel holding the all the glass is able to move a millimeter or two left and right apart from the mounting base and the focus ring. This itself is not a problem, simply because the focus point won’t shift, But if i refocus on something with the aperture closed, is appears to move about 1/2 have stop.

    Would you maybe know if disassembling the 35/2 is about the same as the 35/3.5? If so, maybe you know what could be wrong with my lens, and where i should be looking for?

  4. Darren Addy Says:

    Thank you, very much, for sharing these instructions! I have this exact lens and it looks like NEW (came in original case) but when you have it set on Auto and press the pin in, the aperture blades move in slow motion closing. Upon releasing the pin they move open about 4x as slow (but eventually get there). I can see no oil apparent on the blades from either side.

    Do you know what the problem/fix might be and if I need to go in from the front or the back to apply the fix?

    Thank you kindly for any reply you may have time to give.

    • Dipo Says:

      Hi Darren. Mine also have the same problem. Follow the tutorial until step 5. On re-assembly, don’t over tighten the 3 screws on the barrel, then test. You might have to try several times before getting the right tightness. Good luck !

  5. Darren Addy Says:

    Excellent. Thank you so much for your kind reply.

    PS… if I had the 30mm f2.8 I wouldn’t fool with the 35mm lenses either!

  6. cyberyul Says:

    Hi! Nice tutorial!!

    I need to remove the front glass of the front element. i managed to unscrew the ring over the glass, but I don’t know how to remove the glass itself. Any ideas?


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