Tamron SP 90/2.5 aperture repair

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15 Responses to “Tamron SP 90/2.5 aperture repair”

  1. Tamron SP 90/2.5 cleaning « Camerarepair's Blog Says:

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  2. Markus Keinath Says:

    Good instructions on yout blog, I am going to add that on my DIY camera and equipment tinker list!

  3. Massimo Sanna Says:

    Superb reportage, your skills are great! I have a Tamron SP 90/2.8 (mod. 72B) that isn’t capable to focus objects farther than 6-7 meters, focus ring rotates very smoothly from one end to the other but it stops just a few millimeters before the “infinite” mark align to the index. Close focus is perfect. Someone suggested it could have been reassembled with the helicoid in the wrong position, so I think if could it be possible to fix by myself.
    May I ask you some hints for disassembling this lens in a safe way? Should I start from rear or front? I have some manual skill but never tried on lenses, so try to learn from others’ help.
    Thanks in advance


  4. Arturo Donaire Rivera Says:

    I was looking for this information because i have the lens Tamron 90 mm f 2.5 SP 2 with problems in the aperture ring . Now i have the information you gave in this page. Thanks a lot .

  5. Arturo Donaire Rivera Says:

    Dear friends i need another favor from you,if you have more information about the repair procedure of the Tamron 90 mm f 2.5 Adaptall 2 sp ,please send it to me .thanks a lot . Arturo Donaire

  6. Arturo Donaire Rivera Says:

    Thanks a lot for the instructions of how disassembling this lens ,i have done it and now it is working as new .It make me very happy because now i have another lens . The only problem i had was to get good screwdrivers for this work and i had to make a very small screwdriver with an stainlesssteel hair pin .

    Arturo Donaire

  7. jaymz Says:

    Thank you for your tutorial about how to disassemble the lens. I had the same problem with the aperture who worked only to f/5.6 but after a half a day of working around I only succeed to make it work (so and so) till f/8-f/11 and I noticed that the blades move slowly from f5.6 to f8 or f/11 (slow motion).
    I desperately ask for your help since this is my only lens remaining. thank you in advance.

  8. jaymz Says:

    I did it! I fixed it! It was something else! it was the mechanism pushed by the adapter to activate the aperture. I use a little bit of WD40 to make it work and now it works like new! thank you for your instructions!

  9. Dipo Says:

    Glad you fixed it jaymz. For cleaning I prefer naphta myself, because it doesn’t leave any residue. But glad you got your lens back. Its a nice lens, take good care of it 🙂


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