Rolleiflex 2.8 Biometar repair

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3 Responses to “Rolleiflex 2.8 Biometar repair”

  1. Gyno Says:

    Hi Dipo,
    good photos, you just made a really good work, can’t find anything else about this camera in parts on the web…..
    I need to ask you, because I don’t understand how can I disassemble the front block (lenses part), the screws are under the leather? I don’t like to remove it, but if will need I do….:)
    Thanks from Italy

  2. Dipo Says:

    Thank you Gyno. Yes you need to remove the front panel leatherette first. Underneath you’ll find 6 screws. Just loosen these screws, the self timer & shutter buttons are attached to the front panel. You might want to set the aperture & shutter to its minimum or maximum position, so its easier to reassemble later.

    The front panel attached to the lensboard. Be careful when removing the lensboard, there are washer underneath.
    (Here you see their position marked with yellow arrows

    They’re used to adjust the lensboard so its flat relative to the focusing plane. Make sure to put these washers back to its original position when reassembling !

  3. Gyno Says:

    Just done, thank you a lot!

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